New Featured Applications Website Coming Soon!

It’s been a long time in posting. Life as they say happens and this website hasn’t been updated in quiet some time. Watch for a new version of the website to launch in the coming months. If you have any apps that you would like promoted, for free, then please add a comment with your App Name, Company Name (if applicable), description of the app and a link to where users can download it. Thank you so much!


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iPad 2 = Awesome

Okay so maybe the iPad 2 is not a huge upgrade from the original iPad, but it sure is awesome. I’ve had my iPad 2 64gb AT&T Black version for a week as of tomorrow and have enjoyed nearly every minute playing with the device.

Yes, for four hours I did not have it on, as it was charging. Took literally 4 hours but to give me 10 hours of usage but I’d say it was worth it. My iPad 2 came fully charged at 94% when I picked it up on the 24th. I didn’t charge it until Monday while I was working from home so I was able to deal with not using it. :)

I copied my iPhone apps over to my iPad but the data (game details) were not transferred with it unfortunately. But then again, that means I can try playing Angry Birds all over again.

I have also successfully created a native iPhone App using the iPhone Complier in Adobe Flash with an existing Flash project that I created for the web. It was not very time consuming, as it only took about 15 minutes to get it setup and publish.

All in all, if you do not have the original iPad, I’d recommend the iPad 2.


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iPad 2 Available in 18 Different Models

The iPad 2 is finally here, well, a few days away from launch at Apple, Best Buy, Target and Walmart. There are over 18 different models available for the second generation iPad. The nine listed below will be available in either black or white.

* iPad 2 16GB Wi-Fi: $499.00
* iPad 2 32GB Wi-Fi: $599.00
* iPad 2 64GB Wi-Fi: $699.00
* iPad 2 16GB Wi-Fi+3G Verizon: $629.00
* iPad 2 32GB Wi-Fi+3G Verizon: $729.00
* iPad 2 64GB Wi-Fi+3G Verizon: $829.00
* iPad 2 16GB Wi-Fi+3G AT&T: $629.00
* iPad 2 32GB Wi-Fi+3G AT&T: $729.00
* iPad 2 64GB Wi-Fi+3G AT&T: $829.00

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